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September 3, 2010

AMA/FIM records

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Upon a careful review of the AMA and FIM rulebooks, the prospect of running a bike again appears more tempting.

This is the dangerous phase.

The phase were a very bad idea germinates. The phase were you talk yourself into it. It all starts with numbers.

You have twenty two engines classes in the AMA to enter in, and 8 frame classes. 154 possibly records.

In FIM, it is mind boggling.  Three classes, five types, and 15 groups. Tighter rules, but less people are tightly grouped at the top and the bottom.

After looking at the numbers, the 650 class still looks good. The record is now 168.532 in a 2009 Kawa. This is probably a ZX-6R, which is a fast bike, and faired. But this is a P-P model. Oddly enough however, we can cheat. The M-P (Modified frame, production engine.) class record is 102.1 miles per hour.

Everything else is out of reach. So one has to look at two carrots:

1. Run a 650 class motorcycle. Remove frame brackets to qualify for M-P class, and snatch the record for $3,000. Check it off the list. I can get more than 102mph on a SV 650. Cheap, fairly reliable. Danger level in full gear, reasonable. Chance of success, decent. There is an open FIM record in this class, so theoritically, one could put down the track, and take it.

2. Run a stripped ‘Busa with a longer swingarm, slight engine mods in a fueler class. While it would impossible to take a record with this bike, it offers other incentives. A. It is fast. B. One could potentially join the 200MPH club on the long FIM track. The danger level is quite high. The chance of success is iffy. There are significant aero and traction challenges. I am very hesitant to do this despite its visceral attraction. Although I see a P-P bike at 203.77, most likely a stock Hayabusa unlimited. I have alot of questions on how they are able to put that kind of power down to get that speed on that satanic surface. But the salt is not asphalt.


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