My Velocity Squared

September 4, 2010


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Touring Europe can be done relatively cheaply by car. Taking the Grand Tour by motorcycle is very expensive.

Motorcycle hire rates for the bike I have are about £490/week, 250 miles a week. This is a bit pricey. One can simply ship a bike over there, for a mere €1500 min round trip. And one can merely spend 2 days getting it out of customs, and be harassed in at every border crossing proving your ownership of said vehicle.

Of course, there are other problems with shipping a bike overseas. During a phone conversation with a friend the following question was posed.

“Jess, do you really want to take a 3.6sec bike into switzerland?”


“Do you also desire to have an intimate understanding of the Swiss legal system, and the architecture of their jails?”

“Not as such, no.”

So maybe the ST1300 isn’t the best bike for europe. Considering saving 130 Quid a week and going with the NTV7000. Cheaper on hire, and it gets 15 more MPG. And I think that I am going to really appreciate it with the price of gas over there. So although smaller, and 50 less HP, it has the potential to save over £600 on the trip. Money I can use sampling fine German beers, and maybe fitting in a couple more countries.


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