My Velocity Squared

November 2, 2010

The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

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These are the times that I hate.

The long dark times of uncertainty, stupidity and needless bullshit.

I wait for the snow to fall. I wait for the sickly sweet smell of compressor oil and man made graupel to coat the hills. For the Swix to seep into swollen p-tex pores on board that takes you from here to there.

But that’s not here, that is not now. Now we shell out money for ancient technology pontics that have provided neglect a haven for too long.

So we wait. But we do not wait idly. New personal trainer. New Yoga. New route finding alogrithm to brute force my own special travelling salesman problem. New diet. New chords, new blues. New day, new pass, new season. And we are renewed.


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