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December 30, 2010

2011 Planning

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Doldrums of winter. Snowboarding, planning, fantasizing.

Long Term Goals:

– RTW (Round the World.) 2015’ish. Need at least 30G’s, and  3 months off, and scratch to have a quiver of 3 bikes: 1 high speed paved bike (ST1300.), 1 Paved/Decent Offroad Eastern Bloc Banger (Mink, ural or similar.), and a nimble very light off road bike.



– Ditched the yoga, picking up morning x 3 with Adam Killian to get in better shape, 5k by two months, 10k by summer.

– Land with storage by summer.

Events, Rally:

– 1088 Utah Rally June. May mentor, if at least 4 newbies want to take a stab. Otherwise, I am going to hit the 24 or 36 segment.

– Two bits

– LOE 1000, Sept, NM.

Events, Speed:

– Run what ‘ya Brung, salt flats, ST1300.  No money for custom speed bike, or shop to prep it in at this time. As well, until in better shape, not sure if I could take another flier over the handlebars and luck out. Too much weight. But still should be good fun.


– DEN to Denali via Banff, solo for sure. Ship bike back from Anchorage to SF -> DEN.

– Europe by bike 7 – 9 days. Regardless of what the Europeans say, I do a 600 miles per day while site seeing. 1000 when not. The journey is the thing.


– Vietnam by motorbike. (Note: Budget for fixer/translator. No real hope of learning any meaningful amount of Vietnamese.) Minsks new are $400, and we can sell when we are done. 1 week. Probably cheaper than Europe.


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