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February 5, 2011

Aston, Ferrari, and Porsche: We pander to Psychopaths because that’s where the money is.

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Lately, I have noticed quite a qaint trend. A great many sports car manufactuers are producing saloon cars. The have four doors, four seats, and four cupholders. In other words, room for the whole family. The Aston Martin Rapide. The Porsche Panamera. ┬áThe Ferarri FF. I don’t mention the Maserati because… well it’s currently a synonym for Ferrari.
In other words, fast sub five second automobiles that you can take the whole family for a spin in, and murder them.

If you think I am exagerating, think for a second about the behavior of your average Porsche driver. Your average Aston driver. Then recoil in horror at the mere wisp of a memory of last Ferrari you noticed and how fast it snapped past you in a vaguely controlled slide. And now…. they can take the whole family along.


If you as well think that having their spawn in the car will temper their behavior, think again. The type of person that drives these cars is MORE dangerous when they have the wife and children in the car. Because alone, they can merely display their Alpha male sociopathy anonymously to the rest of us as they pass. So it doesn’t really help them. But with a family, they’ve got an audience.

So they can look at their wife in the passengers, co-dependantly cowering and praying she won’t die instead of ripping the key fob out and smacking him in the face.

So they can glance briefly at their kids in the back while doing a double lane change at a hundred and ten miles an hour… “Yes, see, this is how daddy does it. And I’ll take you all into a freeway pylon to prove it.”

But maybe I shouldn’t be bitching about it. I mean after all, it is a chance for natural selection to eliminate not one but up to four insufferable flawed people from the earth at once. And that is a chance that doesn’t come along very often in todays world.


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